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221 Royalton Parkway
Address: 221 Royalton Parkway
Zip: 70507
Property Id : 3532
CMS Info:{"M": "H123_18D4AB", "S": "IL", "E": 868}
List Date: 2019-07-25
Stories: 0
Yeart Built: 0.0
MLS#: H123_18D4AB
CMS Info: {"M": "H123_18D4AB", "S": "IL", "E": 868}
Inspector Details

As a home inspector, I’m mostly self educated, made necessary by my hearing impairment, now mostly corrected with a cochlear implant. In quite environs, I converse with folks quite well and serve them with knowledge not available from any school. I’ve decades of experience in all major trades but plumbing. My skills in inspecting and reporting are honed by 15 years of experience as an inspector. My reports communicate with clarity and brevity, what you need to know, what you want to know and what the regulations require me to tell you.

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