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Real Estate Agent Benefits for Pre-Listing Inspections

Pre Listing Home Inspections are a good for everyone involved in the home buying and selling process.  They help sellers market their homes and help real estate agents receive additional Buyer Leads for Free.

The benefits to real estate agents include…

  • Our Pre-Listing Inspection program can help agents get more listings.

  • Agents using the Pre-Listing Inspection concept can use our platform to get more buyers.

  • Getting more Buyers can increase the agent’s chances of getting both sides of the transaction.

  • Agents worry less about deals falling through due to unknown problems found during home inspections.

  • Typically, agents do not have to negotiate repairs after the buyer’s inspection is performed

  • Agents spend much less time putting out home inspection fires.

  • Agents do not have to dip into their own pockets to pay for repairs just to get a deal to close.

  • Agents will have happier clients, sell houses faster, and may sell houses for more money.

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Inspected Houses Agent Member Benefits

  • Agent Members will receive FREE LEADS which will typically include the name, phone number, email address, and if the Potential Buyer is working with another agent.

  •  The Agent will get a Potential Buyer Lead Page and for safety purposes the Agent will have the ability to investigate the Potential Buyer BEFORE the Agent meets the Potential Buyer.

    • The Agents can see a picture of the potential buyer (normally captured when email address is available).

    • Agents can click on the Potential Buyers social media page (if available) to gather additional information about the Potential Buyer.

    • The Agent can click a button and run a free sex offender report (US Only).

    • The Agents can click a button and order a criminal background report (US Only, an extra fee is required).

  • The Agent will be given a basic CRM to automatically be notified of a Potential Buyer Lead.   The value of responding to Potential Buyer Leads immediately can’t be understated!!

    • Inspected Houses system allows the Agent to respond to the leads quickly.

    • Inspected Houses system allows the Potential Buyer Leads to be sent to a Realtor’s designated representative to communicate with the Potential Buyer for the Agent.

  • The Agent will be given an opportunity to post all their listings on a section of the Inspected Houses website.

  • The children and grandchildren of all Inspected Houses Agent Members can apply for college scholarships.

  • If the Agent pays for the inspection fee, either up front, or by reimbursing the seller at closing, then the Agent will receive the money for all sold reports through our website.  Inspected Houses gives Agents an opportunity to recover some, if not all, of the money back they are paying for the Pre-Listing Home Inspection.

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