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Inspector Advantages for Pre-Listing Inspections

This Program gives Inspectors a tool to convince agents that Pre Listing Home Inspections are not only good for everyone involved in the home buying and selling process, but it shows Realtors how they can receive Potential Buyer Leads for Free.

The benefits to home inspectors are numerous…

  • Pre-Listing Inspections end the frustration, anger, and anxiety often found during the home buying and selling process.  This condition alone will improve relationships with Realtors.

  • The label “Deal Killer” is eliminated.

  • Pre-Listing Inspections will increase the number of inspection opportunities.

  • Home Inspectors receive potential buyers leads from lead capture technology when buyers make inquiries or purchase an inspection report.

  • Getting Free Potential Buyer Leads enables the Home Inspector to market directly to the Potential Buyer.

  • Inspectors will be given marketing material ideas that can help them promote the concept of Pre-Listing Inspections.

  • Inspectors will be given Power Points that can be used for presentations.

  • Inspectors will be shown lead capture marketing ideas and how lead capture technology can be used without doing Pre-Listing Inspections.

  • The children and grandchildren of all Inspected Houses Agent Members can apply for college scholarships.

System Benefits

  • Inspectors are immediately notified when a Potential Buyer texts off a sign or purchases a home inspection report.

  • Inspectors have a CRM system which allows the inspector to manage the Potential Buyer Lead via customized text, email, or recorded message.

  • The Potential Buyer can easily connect directly to the Inspector.

  • The Inspector can set up drip campaigns to these Potential Buyers.  Also, the Inspector could manually input other clients into the system and set them up on drip campaigns.

  • Inspectors will have a dashboard to set their bio, upload logos, company information, etc.

  • Inspector members will be listed on the website and Potential Buyers, Sellers or Realtors may contact the Inspector.

  • Inspectors will have a dashboard link to set up their own referral program.