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Inspected Houses arms you with a new and innovative marketing tool and strategy to do more inspections, strengthen and grow realtor relationships, and diversify referral sources. 

You’ll receive 3 months FREE ($147 Value) after an initial $100 setup. 

Listen to a Realtor and an Inspector discuss housing.

The Benefits to Home Inspectors are Numerous…

  • Inspectors have a unique selling point over 90% of other Home Inspectors in their market.

  • Get more Realtors to refer business to you and strengthen existing Realtor relationships.

  • Offer Realtors a value added service by helping them market all their listings.

  • Diversify referral sources via lead capture technology.

  • Automatically respond to all leads with text and email drip campaigns.

Market Directly to Sellers

Hear an Inspector’s Success Story

Customized Videos Available

System Benefits

  • Inspectors are immediately notified when a Potential Buyer texts off a sign or purchases a home inspection report.

  • Inspectors have a CRM system which allows the inspector to manage the Potential Buyer Lead via customized text, email, or recorded message.

  • The Potential Buyer can easily connect directly to the Inspector.

  • The Inspector can set up drip campaigns to these Potential Buyers.  Also, the Inspector could manually input other clients into the system and set them up on drip campaigns.

  • Inspectors will have a dashboard to set their bio, upload logos, company information, etc.

  • Inspector members will be listed on the website and Potential Buyers, Sellers or Realtors may contact the Inspector.

  • Inspectors will have a dashboard link to set up their own referral program.