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Marketing Examples

When a Real Estate Agent lists a house a sign is placed in the yard which has the Listing Agents phone number and company information on it.   It is always the hope that Potential Buyers will contact the Listing Agent and then the Listing Agent will have an opportunity to sell the house to the Potential Buyer or show the Potential Buyer other houses.  When a Potential Buyer is extremely interested in the house they will call the listing agent directly.  Unfortunately, most Potential Buyers are just looking at houses and just want more information about houses, but do not want to talk with a Real Estate Agent.  In that scenario the Listing Agent is not getting a call and is not getting a potential buyer lead.

Quite often Potential Buyers will drive by a house they found on the internet to see what it looks like in person.  Upon seeing the house they may decide they do not like the curb appeal, do not like the neighborhood, and do not like things about the people living in the neighborhood.  Under those scenarios, Potential Buyers will decide they are not interested in house and will not call the Listing Agent.

The Inspectedhouses system and the Home Inspectors using the system can actually help Listing Agents get potential buyer leads, even in scenarios when the Potential Buyer do not like the house or do not want to speak with an Agent.

The signs placed by Home Inspectors are designed to give Potential Buyers information without talking to an Agent and the signs give other incentives or reasons for a Potential Buyer to text in.

Listed below are some examples of signs a Home Inspector can use and Listing Agents want these signs in yards because it gives the Listing Agent extra opportunities to connect with Buyers.  And when a Potential Buyer texts in the Listing Agent and Home Inspector get that Buyer lead instantly, automatically, and it is FREE.  Inspected Houses will never sell leads  If it is your listing, then it is your leads!!!!

Guidelines for Creating Signs

  1. Make sure your lead capture phone number is on every sign.
  2. Create different codes on each sign.  Ex.  Home1, Home2, Home3, etc.
  3. Make your logo stand out.  This makes it easier for everyone driving by the sign to see it.  This is a great advertising to a targeted audience because Real Estate Agents and Potential Buyers will see it when walking up the driveway.
  4. Do not put spaces in your codes.  Ex. Do not create Home 1 as a code.
  5. Skip numbers like 10,20,30, etc.  This will help eliminate confusion between the number zero and alphabetical “O”.
  6. Do not put quotation marks around your codes.
  7. Make the codes and marketing number big so they are easy to read.  Many people are looking at signs from their cars.
  8. Make up different types of signs.  Ex.  Make an Info sign for houses that are not Pre-Inspected.  Make up signs that say the report is available.
  9. Use your creativity with this program.  Some home inspectors co-brand the signs with the Agents and split the costs of the signs.  The agents will then hold on to the signs and place them when listing the house.
  10. Use the lead capture signs and technology without even being associated with a house or real estate transactions.  Ex.  You can make a discount sign and place it next to open house signs.  You can make radon, mold, pest control information signs.  These signs can drive business to you and increase your sales for the other services you offer.

Yard Sign Examples

The Report Available Sign:

This sign is a great sign because it gives Potential Buyers the perception of seeing a Pre Sale Sellers home inspection report.  Potential Buyers value seeing reports prior to making an offer on the house, because it can save them a lot of money.

The Warranty Sign:

This sign is a great sign that can produce a lead but it also gives the house a marketing advantage.  How many houses in a market advertise that is have been Pre-Inspected, has a 5 Year Roof Leak Warranty, and come with an 18 Month Home Warranty.

The Information/Discount Sign:

This sign is a great sign because it gives two reasons for a Potential Buyer to text in.  It allows Potential Buyers to text in and get more information about the house without talking to anyone, which many times is all they really want.  But it also gives Potential Buyers an opportunity to save money on a home inspection.  Assume the Buyer is not interested in the house and is not going to call the agent.  The discount sign can still get the Listing Agent a lead because the Buyer is definitely buying a house somewhere and will need an inspection.  The Potential Buyer may text in to see what kind of home inspection discount they can get.  The Home Inspector is actually using his services and offering a discount to create a Buyer Lead.

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