Why Inspected Houses?

Currently, houses are put on the market, offers are accepted, and then inspections are performed for the buyer. Upon inspection deficiencies are discovered and then buyers and sellers negotiate repairs. With this process, real estate transactions are typically negotiated twice, once on the price of the house and once for repairs. This process always costs sellers and buyers money because they are blindsided with unexpected costs and unforeseen deficiencies.

Inspected Houses offers buyers and sellers a service sorely missing from the typical real estate transaction, information on the condition of a property prior to negotiating a purchase.


Homes Recently Added to InspectedHouses.com

, 98233

Pre-Inspected and ready for you! Transferable 5-year roof leak warranty in place, come see this home today! Located

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Pre-inspected, ready for you! Transferrable 5-year roof leak warranty in place. Well-kept stick-built rambler on a

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Check out this fully renovated townhouse in the desirable Fox Heath neighborhood and is ready for you to move right

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Clean home featuring 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths just outside of Cookeville City limits in a quite, desirable neighbor

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Wonderful home with 3 bedrooms and a full bath. Lots of large windows letting in plenty of natural sunlight. Spacio

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This charming 3 bedroom 2½ bath home boasts an upgraded kitchen with stainless steel appliances, wood cabinets a

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, 41076

Custom Ashley built, luxury home! Rear of home floor to ceiling windows overlooking Cincy Skyline. Set on a beautif

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, 77001

Beautiful house

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Craftsman home remodeled to a modern perfection. This prpoerty is located in a well etablished neighborhood, near s

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What People are Saying about Inspected Houses
  • Kris Svendsen

    "The InspectedHouses.com platform adds another useful tool to my belt. It helps me offer more services and adds more real life value for sellers, buyers, and agents. With InspectedHouses.com, a pre-listing inspection offers incredible advantages over traditional real estate transactions that not only gives everyone involved more information, but also more protection. It’s a win for everyone and that matters."

  • Yvette Duchein

    "I had a positive experience with having a pre-inspection. I felt at ease knowing what issues might arise with my home in advance, and allowed buyers to see what they might be buying into. I think it improved the overall experience for both parties and may have even helped to speed the process and decision-making along with having that information available up front. I would recommend the strategy to both seller and buyer."

Inspected Houses offers benefits to all parties in the home

buying and selling process

Home Sellers

Home sellers know the true condition of their home prior to accepting an offer.
Sellers have an opportunity to post the Pre Listing Home Inspection report, offer it for sale, and recover some of the money spent on the Pre Listing Home Inspection.

Home Buyers

Avoid an unforeseen issue found during the Home Inspection process kill the deal.
Purchasing a Home Inspection report will allow Buyers to know about some deficiencies before they make an offer on the house.

Home Inspectors

Increase the number of inspection opportunities
Receive potential buyers leads
Pre Listing Home Inspections are good for everyone involved in the home buying and selling process.

Real Estate Agents

Agent Members will receive FREE LEADS
Get more “care-free” listings, get more buyers, sell houses faster, have happier clients, and are increasing their chances of getting both sides of the transaction.