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Protection with the Inspection

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ONIT Home/HWI Warranty

Use this link to sign up for the newest and very exciting warranty program in the home inspection industry.  90-day warranty program which can be free to the inspector and can be used to help the inspector make residual income.  All done without sharing the clients’ data.

Guard Home Warranty

Free, no strings attached, full coverage 30 day home warranty.  This program also helps inspectors make residual income with sold warranties.  Only available in the following states.


Complete Protection Home Inspector Registration

120-Day Warranty program which is available in every state except Wisconsin and Massachusetts.  This program is also available in Canada.  There is a cost associated with this program and the inspector must enroll the customer in warranty coverage.  This program helps inspectors make residual income with sold warranties.

Well Guardian

Free well warranty program which covers all the components of the well, including drilling a new well if needed.  Sign up and get training to do well inspections.  A $400 training fee is refunded after 5 inspections.  Not available in every state but fill out the sign-up form and let Well Guardian know you are interested in their program.  They will add states based on interest.

Inspected Houses with 90 Day Free Trial

Learn about an innovative marketing program that can help you pick up referring agents, do more inspections, start a pre-listing inspection program, or strengthen an existing pre-listing inspection program.  Click on this link and you will be able to watch a recording of a conference presentation that fully explains the program.  Your Inspectedhouses membership includes coaching and mentoring on all things home inspection related.  Only a $100 set up fee and then FREE until you get traction with the program.  We guarantee an ROI with this program.