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Home Buyer Benefits for Pre-Listing Inspections

Quite often when inspections are performed on the buyer’s side of the real estate transaction deficiencies are discovered and that process can “kill the deal”.   Buyers take time off work to attend the home inspection and that will cost them money, but the buyer can also have up to $2000 in costs associated with a home inspection, appraisal, well/septic inspections, environmental testing, etc..  If a buyer “walks away” from the house, then all that money and time is wasted and will never be recovered.

Pre-Listing Inspections benefits to buyers include…

  • Pre-Listing Home Inspections are great for buyers because it will save them time and money.

  • When Pre-Listing Home Inspection Reports can be viewed, then buyers will have some upfront information about the condition of the house and this can help buyers make more informed home buying decisions.

  • Buyers worry less about spending weeks or months looking for houses, getting an accepted offer, and then have an unforeseen issue, found during the inspection process, kill the deal.

Buyers Benefits Continued

  • Buyers can meet with the inspector that performed the Pre-Listing Home Inspection and get a new report issued in their name, learn about systems of the house, and this process may be at a reduced rate.  “This discounted rate may or may not be offered by the home inspector.”

  • Traditionally, buyers waste time fighting traffic and traveling to houses, but seeing the Pre-Listing Home Inspection report can help buyers make a more efficient list of houses to view. The process streamlines searching for homes.

  • Buyers will receive offers from National Companies which will offset the cost of the report fee.

  • Buyers can have $2000 or more wrapped up into inspections, appraisals, earnest money, etc.  If a buyer “walks away” from the house, then much of that money is wasted and will never be recovered. Certainly, the time spent on that house will never be recovered.  Getting inspection information about houses before making an offer can save the buyers time and money.

  • Buyers worry less about being blindsided with unexpected deficiencies and costs.

  • Buyers know about some deficiencies before they make an offer on the house and can price their offer accordingly.

  • The expense of taking time off work to attend an inspection will not be wasted.