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Inspected Home #2

, US 47150
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Your home cannot legally be advertised until your active listing date. However, our programming requires we post something here before you can receive the offer for repair incentives. You should see this offer after you follow the link in your email and approve this page. You next step is to look for your report in your inbox. The onsite video review will arrive in a separate email. Once you have completed your repairs (if you choose to do any) you may send us receipts for the work completed and we will add them to your report for free with a “repaired per seller” comment under each defect. If you would rather we remove the defects from your report and video completely, you can schedule and purchase a re-inspect for the home. We will return to your property to inspect the repairs and then create a cleaner report and video without the repaired items. Once your home goes live with your agent on the MLS, we will upload your report and request your agent send us the home details and photographs to add to this site.

Address: Inspected Home #2
Zip: 47150
Property Id : 2347
CMS Info:{"M": "H123_F8AD9A", "S": "IL", "E": 209}
List Date: 2018-06-19
Stories: 0
Yeart Built: 0.0
MLS#: H123_F8AD9A
CMS Info: {"M": "H123_F8AD9A", "S": "IL", "E": 209}
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Kayla Troutman

{"partner_disclaimer": "", "partner_link_id": 1787, "partner_email": "[email protected]", "partner_bio": "", "partner_last_name": "Troutman", "partner_image": "", "partner_phone": "", "partner_brokerage_name": "", "partner_logo": "", "partner_first_name": "Kayla"}
Inspector Details

Certainty Home Inspections LLC


Certainty Home Inspections is dedicated to improving the industry standard because we believe all clients and agents deserve high quality, stress free home inspections. We encourage a learning environment where we can constantly improve our services through helpful feedback and innovative advancements. We are always at your service!


The Pre Sale Inspection performed was for the benefit of the Seller of the property and the Home Inspector does not guarantee or warranty the condition of the house after the inspection was performed. Purchasing the attached home inspection report is a way to learn more about the house prior to making an offer on the house, and the report must not be relied upon as the sole home buying decision. The Home Inspector has no legal liability to any Prospective Buyer and it is strongly recommended all Prospective Buyers get a new home inspection performed by a Home Inspector of their choosing.

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