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123 Main Street

, IL 53186
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THIS IS A DEMO HOUSE AND IS NOT FOR SALE. A MISC. HOME INSPECTION REPORT IS LOADED WITH THIS PROPERTY TO VISUALLY DISPLAY HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS. DO NOT PURCHASE THE REPORT. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE ISSUED. was started to help buyers, sellers, realtors, and home inspectors in many ways. was especially started to help our realtor and inspector members receive potential buyer leads for free. Our system can also help sellers and buyers save thousands of dollars.

When a home inspection report is loaded and published for sale, then potential buyers can purchase the report and learn a lot about the house before making an offer. This can save the buyer hundreds to thousands of dollars.

This process helps the seller find out what is wrong with the house before listing it and then the seller can plan and budget accordingly. The money for the sold reports goes to the seller and this helps offset the cost of the home inspection.

All potential buyer leads go to our realtor and the home inspector members for free. To learn more about being a realtor member please go to read the information on the site and fill out the contact form.

Address: 123 Main Street
Zip: 53186
Property Id : 2384
CMS Info:{"M": "H123_90CE46", "S": "IL", "E": 228}
List Date: 2018-07-12
Stories: 0
Yeart Built: 0.0
MLS#: H123_90CE46
CMS Info: {"M": "H123_90CE46", "S": "IL", "E": 228}
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Steven Bast


Steven Bast is the Owner and Principal Inspector for Four County Home Inspections. The company was started in 2015 and Steven was not only State Certified and Licensed, he is also Nationally Certified through the largest home inspection association in the world InterNachi. All of the inspections are backed by a complete Buy Back Guarantee for your peace of mind.

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